Eating is all about enjoying yourself

O.k. now in all seriousness – this site is not really all about Pasta. This is a showcase of the amazing features and functionality of the quiz builder. You will find quizzes, ranked lists, personality test coupled with lead generation, hook ups to MailChimp, aWeber and also things like custom result pages and customizations.

Warning: This site is not at all about pasta. Read at your own risk!

No matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, meat lover or just hungry. We got you covered. Come on in and enjoy all the fun interactive content, that allows you to build.

Here you can see the simplest form on a quiz embed on a wordpress page. I am using the Riddle Plugin and pasted the short code for this quiz in my editor.

Something went wrong. The riddle you requested doesn’t exist.​


Well, obviously this site runs on Wordpress :)

To operate the quizzes, we are using the technology from

Check it out, great quiz builder with lots of content types such as:



well obviously, the Riddle Plugin

WPMUDEV Defender (we want to stay safe)

AKISMET to keep the spam out.



We are going all out here to show that Riddle does not only work with plain vanilla themes.

We are using Upfront from - they are not paying us for this (on the contrary, we pay for their stuff and we do it because we love their themes and plugins so much :)

We have also tested Riddle with themes like Avada and Divi and many others without finding any issues. If you have a theme that you cannot get to work with Riddle, just shoot us an email to

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