The Pasta vote

When a simple list is not enough

Give your readers an easy way to express their opinion. A ranked list lets your site visitors upvote their favorite items. We modeled this after the most famous upvoting lists of all time – 

We keep haters at bay by only allowing upvoting and also allow readers to vote for multiple items. 

You can choose to display the number of votes, the percentage of people having voted for an item or no indicator at all (other than the rank). Choose percentages if you only have a handful of visitors and then once hundreds of people voted, change over to numbers to let the world know how awesome your site is.

Another cool feature, which is part of all Riddle plansis the ability to link out to other pages. I am showcasing a bunch of Wikipedia links in the list below, but you can probably think of a million and one marketing tricks to pull (think product lists with Amazon Affiliate links for example).​

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