Quiz with custom result page

Custom result pages are a powerful new Riddle feature.

Now, the end of a quiz is not the end of the journey. Automatically send your users to the right page on your site, based on their responses.

What types of Riddles?

Quizzes, personality tests, and polls

How does it work? 

Imagine you’re offering pasta cooking tips and products through your site.

  • You create and embed “The Pasta Fun Quiz” on your site.
  • Include an optional lead gen form as well as a custom result page.
  • A user takes the quiz
  • After the last question and filling out the lead form, they land on your own custom result page.
  • It displays their name and result – “Mama mia, Mike, you’re a pasta expert’!” with article and product recommendations from your site.
  • You mention that ‘I noticed you’re a pasta expert – you answered you never need oil when cooking pasta. Check out my five suggested cookbooks to buy for expert chefs like you.’
  • Simple, relevant to the user – and very effective.

Check out our one-question quiz example below:

  • Answer right – we’ll send you to a page we created offering a cool Amazon product for professional chefs.
  • Choose incorrectly – we will show you a beginners product.

Sure – this is a basic example. But the possible applications for this are endless.

You’ll receive all quiz and lead data, so you can trigger your own scripts to process the quiz data any way you like.

Any questions? Just let us know at hello@riddle.com – we read and respond to everyone!