Quiz with custom result page

Custom result pages are an incredibly powerful feature in Riddle.

You can send users to a custom result page in quizzes, personality tests and polls.

Instead of showing users their results in Riddle, you can send users to a custom URL based on their answers. You can include the user’s results and even their name (if they entered it in the lead form you added to your Riddle.)

You’ll receive all quiz and lead data, so you can trigger your own scripts to process the quiz data any way you like.

We created a Riddle with the following functionality to demonstrate what custom result pages can do.

  • If you answer right – we’ll send you to a page we created offering a cool Amazon product for professional chefs.
  • Answer incorrectly – we will show you a beginner’s product.

Sure – this is a basic example. But the possible applications for this are endless. Just take a short break and think about how useful this feature is.