The top 3 pasta dishes you need to try

Why top 3? 

Well because all the guys who create clickbait say that uneven numbers work best. And you are here, so it was not all that bad :).

We are featuring our dishes with Riddle lists. The lists come in 2 flavors:

  • ​click through with each item getting a full page
  • rolled out – an expanded list where you just scroll down to see the items

This time, the list is customized a bit in terms of color scheme, fonts and I removed the Riddle brand logo (you need Riddle Pro to do that). Other list customizations are:

  • ​changing the counting order (count up, count down, no count)
  • Hiding the start page to drop readers directly into the list
  • Hiding the share buttons
  • Changing the language of the list buttons 

Enjoy the lists.

One item per page:

Unfolded list: