Your thoughts on pasta

When writing an article, wouldn’t you want to know if your readers think it’s tasty or stale? Could you make use more in-depth knowledge about who likes what you write and who does not?

Are your fans male or female, what age group do they belong in?

Maybe people on the east coast love what you are saying and people on the west cost think your content is totally dull. 

How do you find out? In real time? With honest user opinions and without bugging the readers with pop ups or even worse, calls from market researchers?

Very easily.

Just add a Riddle Reaction Poll to the bottom of your posts and Riddle will deliver tons of intelligence right to your dashboard.

Readers answer a simple question by sliding the bar and then they can choose to compare themselves to all the other voters.

Most people are curious how they compare so most folks click on and enter their age and gender to see how they stack up to others in their demographic group.

Et Voilá – you have honest user demographics coupled with opinions about your article. 

I hope you like what Riddle cooked up for you here.

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