Tired of pasta? Hopefully you know enough about other foods to get away from it…

I think we agree on this: quizzes are great for challenging your audience and keeping your users engaged.

But there surely is a downside to it: It’s a ton of work to create a good quiz. We’ve also experienced this many times.

That’s why we created the Auto-Quiz. Here are the steps you have to take to create your own Auto-Quiz:

  1. Set a name
  2. Pick a topic
  3. Select difficulty and number of questions
  4. Adjust styling
  5. Publish and embed

You see, it’s as simple as that. What we really love about our Auto-Quiz is, that you can choose the time span, in which questions are renewed.
So you can have a fancy new quiz on your homepage every day without even thinking about it.

Creating fresh content has never been made so easy.

See, how the Auto-Quiz works below. Questions are renewed each time you take the quiz.
(Another cool feature, just quiz yourself through the eventual boredom that occurs, when Riddle takes over your job of creating quizzes 🙂 )

Sidenote: We added a lead form to this quiz. Riddle’s great with lead-gen through quizzes, but the form can be embedded in every other quiz-type as well!