What is your pasta personality

Riddle Personality tests allow you to map your reader’s answers to personality traits. You probably stumbled across these tests a lot on social media. Tests like “What country should you live in?” or “What color matches your personality?”

Personality tests get shared a lot, especially if they have funny and witty results. There is a science to writing them so that the results come out accurate and make the test taker think “yeah, that’s me alright”. 

You can learn more about how to write these on the Riddle blog, where Riddle’s Ph.D. Psychologist Dr. Russ King wrote a great piece on how to create the perfect personality test.

In the example below, we also showcase another great Riddle feature that is part of all plans – lead generation. You can collect unlimited leads from within your Riddles. Just add a form and start collecting leads. If you like you can even link the user’s answers and test results to the lead (if you live in a country where this needs permission, we also got that option covered). Think of all the great ways you can use this to segment your lead data and send out perfect offers. In our sample below, the folks who got the result messy eater could get offers for bibs with funny prints for example. Endless possibilities for you to play with. Now go and take the test.